Immunity 35: 819–831 (November 23, 2011)

Immunity 35: 819–831
Flt3 Signaling-Dependent Dendritic Cells Protect against Atherosclerosis
Jae-Hoon Choi, Cheolho Cheong, Durga B. Dandamudi, Chae Gyu Park, Anthony Rodriguez, Saurabh Mehandru, Klara Velinzon, In-Hyuk Jung, Ji-Young Yoo, Goo Taeg Oh and Ralph M. Steinman

Early events in atherosclerosis occur in the aortic intima and involve monocytes that become macrophages. We looked for these cells in the steady state adult mouse aorta, and surprisingly, we found a dominance of dendritic cells (DCs) in the intima.

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