Cell 147: 1615–1627 (December 23, 2011)

Cell 147: 1615–1627
The functional organization of cutaneous low-threshold mechanosensory neurons
Lishi Li, Michael Rutlin, Victoria E. Abraira, Colleen Cassidy, Laura Kus, Shiaoching Gong, Michael P. Jankowski, Wenqin Luo, Nathaniel Heintz, H. Richard Koerber, C. Jeffery Woodbury and  David D. Ginty

Here, we report genetic labeling of LTMR subtypes and visualization of their relative patterns of axonal endings in hairy skin and the spinal cord. We found that each of the three major hair follicle types of trunk hairy skin (guard, awl/auchene, and zigzag hairs) is innervated by a unique and invariant combination of LTMRs; thus, each hair follicle type is a functionally distinct mechanosensory end organ.

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