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Biophysicist Gregory M. Alushin receives White House honor for early career scientists

New research offers clues into how the brain shapes perception to control behaviorAlushin, who recently joined Rockefeller as assistant professor, has been chosen by President Obama as a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. The prestigious award, given annually by the White House, recognizes scientists and engineers who show exceptional potential early on in their careers. More »

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Human embryo discovery wins People’s Choice of Science Breakthrough of the Year

Human embryo discovery wins People’s Choice Science Breakthrough of the YearA revolutionary system that allows researchers to study human embryo development in the lab was chosen by Science magazine readers as the scientific advancement of 2016 that has done the most to benefit humanity, answer long-standing questions, or pave the way for fruitful research.
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Elaine Fuchs to receive 2016 Vanderbilt Prize in Biomedical Science

Elaine Fuchs to receive 2016 Vanderbilt Prize in Biomedical ScienceThe prize, given by Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, recognizes women with outstanding research accomplishments who have also made significant contributions to mentoring other women in science. Fuchs is being honored for her innovative use of reverse genetics to understand skin diseases and cancer stem cells. More »

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Jean-Laurent Casanova receives the 2016 Inserm Grand Prix

Jean-Laurent CasanovaGiven by Inserm, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, the Grand Prix honors researchers whose work has contributed to the institute’s scientific excellence. Casanova is being recognized for his work on the genetic basis of infectious diseases. More »

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Winrich Freiwald wins Columbia University’s 2016 W. Alden Spencer Award

Winrich FreiwaldThe award, given by Columbia University, recognizes outstanding research contributions in neuroscience. Freiwald, who shares the prize with his long-time collaborator Doris Y. Tsao of Caltech, will present an award lecture on November 1 at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. More »

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Sebastian Klinge receives 2016 NIH New Innovator Award

Sebastian KlingeGiven by the NIH, the Director’s New Innovator Award recognizes early-career investigators with five-year grants of up to $1.5 million. The award is designed to encourage recipients to pursue projects that have the potential for unusually high impact. Klinge is one of 48 recipients of the prestigious award this year. More »

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Rockefeller graduate Monica Mugnier wins 2016 NIH Early Independence Award

Monica MugnierA 2016 graduate of Rockefeller’s Ph.D. program, Mugnier is one of 16 junior scientists across the country to receive an Early Independence Award. The award, which is given as a five-year grant of up to $1.25 million, allows exceptional investigators to skip postdoctoral training and move immediately into independent research positions. More »

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Bonnie Bassler to receive the 2016 Pearl Meister Greengard Prize

Bonnie Bassler to receive the 2016 Pearl Meister Greengard PrizeBassler, of Princeton University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, is being recognized for discoveries related to a molecular mechanism that allows bacteria to communicate with each other. The prize is intended to honor the extraordinary work of established women scientists and to motivate young women considering careers in the sciences. More »

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Four Rockefeller scientists named 2016 HHMI Faculty Scholars

Daniel Kronauer, Luciano Marraffini, Agata Smogorzewska, and Sohail Tavazoie are among 84 researchers nationwide selected as the first HHMI Faculty Scholars. The new Faculty Scholars program, established by the HHMI, the Simons Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, supports early-career scientists who have potential to make unique contributions to their fields. More »

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Rockefeller neuroscientist Cori Bargmann to lead science work at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Cori BargmannBargmann will oversee a multi-billion dollar effort over the coming years to develop and implement a strategy to unlock understanding of the human body down to the cellular level. She will also continue as a tenured professor conducting research at Rockefeller.
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Charles M. Rice wins Lasker Award for groundbreaking work on the hepatitis C virus

Charles M. RiceThis year’s Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award honors Charles M. Rice, who developed a system to study the replication of the virus that causes hepatitis C, an advance that has led to safe and powerful new drugs that cure the disease. The award, considered the most coveted American prize in medical science, will be presented on September 23 in New York City. More »

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Postdoc John Maciejowski wins 2016 Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation

Postdoc John Maciejowski wins 2016 Regeneron Prize for Creative InnovationThe award, given by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., honors innovative young scientists based on proposals they submit of a “dream” biomedical research project they would undertake if they had access to any resource or technology. Maciejowski will receive a $50,000 prize and a $5,000 donation to Rockefeller. More »

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Michel C. Nussenzweig honored with the 2016 Robert Koch Award

Michel C. Nussenzweig honored with the 2016 Robert Koch AwardGiven by the Robert Koch Foundation, the annual award is one of Germany’s most prestigious scientific prizes, honoring extraordinary accomplishments in infectious disease research. Nussenzweig will share the €100,000 prize with Alberto Mantovani of Humanitas University for their achievements in immunology. More »

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Heilbrunn Center announces recipients of its 2016 Nurse Scholar Awards

The winners’ projects will focus on teaching women with cancer how to advocate for their health, answering key questions about eating behavior and obesity, addressing the needs of critically ill patients and their families, helping the parents of sick children make medical decisions, and examining brain–gut interactions in gastrointestinal illness. More »

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Rockefeller tops global ranking of scientific impact

Rockefeller tops global ranking of scientific impactRockefeller has the highest percentage of frequently cited scientific publications among 842 leading universities worldwide, according to a survey created by the Center for Science and Technology Studies of Leiden University. The ranking is based on publications indexed in a Thomson Reuters database between 2011 and 2014. More »


C. David Allis receives the 2016 Gruber Genetics Prize

C. David Allis receives the 2016 Gruber Genetics PrizeAllis shares the award with Michael Grunstein of UCLA for identifying the critical role of histones and histone modification in regulating gene activity. The prize is awarded by The Gruber Foundation of Yale University and honors scientists whose work inspires fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture. More »

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Torsten Wiesel wins Karolinska Institute’s Jubilee Gold Medal

Torsten Wiesel wins Karolinska Institute’s Jubilee Gold MedalWiesel is celebrated with the medical university’s Jubilee Gold Medal for his extraordinary contributions to the Swedish scientific community and to Karolinska itself. The Karolinska Institute, one of the world’s leading medical universities, will present Wiesel with the medal at a ceremony on May 13. More »

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Nathaniel Heintz and Stanislas Leibler elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Nathanial Heintz and Stanislas Leibler elected to the National Academy of SciencesHeintz, who studies the inner workings of the mammalian brain, and Leibler, who explores questions related to how simple genetic and biochemical networks function, are among the new members and foreign associates to be inducted into the Academy. With Heintz and Leibler’s election, Rockefeller now boasts 37 members or foreign associates of the National Academy of Sciences among its current faculty.

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Charles Rice wins Belgium’s highest scientific prize

Charles Rice wins Belgium’s highest scientific prizeRice has received the 2016 InBev-Baillet Latour Health Prize for his fundamental discoveries in the field of infectious diseases. The award, given by the Baillet Latour Fund to recognize outstanding contributions in biomedical research for the benefit of human health, is Belgium’s most important scientific prize. More »

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Global ranking places Rockefeller ahead of 1,300 universities in two key measures of scientific impact

Rockefeller ahead of 1,300 universities in two key measures of scientific impactRankings released by the European Commission–funded U-Multirank survey place Rockefeller in the top spot in categories related to the impact of its research and the transfer of knowledge to the private sector. The results incorporate data from over 1,300 institutions in more than 90 countries. More »