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Michael A. Foley named director of Tri-I Therapeutics Discovery Institute

An accomplished chemist and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of industry and academic experience, Foley has been named director of a pioneering early stage drug discovery initiative formed jointly with Weill Cornell Medical College and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center formed in October. More »

Rockefeller scientists among those involved in search for Higgs boson

This week’s announcement that two physicists have received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of the Higgs boson is also a victory for thousands of scientists, including several from Rockefeller, who worked to collect data and analyze results from particle collisions. More »

Trio of New York biomedical institutions join forces to accelerate drug development

The Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute, Inc. is launched by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, The Rockefeller University and Weill Cornell Medical College, and a pioneering partnership is formed with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. More »

Structural biologist, interested in ribosome assembly, to join Rockefeller faculty

Sebastian Klinge has dedicated his career to understanding the ribosome, with a particular emphasis on its atomic structure and the process by which it forms in the cell. Klinge is the first faculty member to be recruited to the university under its 2012 strategic plan; he was appointed assistant professor in June and will open his lab, to be called The Laboratory of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry, on September 15. More »

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Rockefeller president joins U.S. university leaders in Israel to explore collaborative opportunities

Rockefeller’s president, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, will join several U.S. university leaders in Israel this week to explore opportunities for collaborations with Israeli institutions in areas such as brain science, environmental sustainability, biotechnology, diversity and women’s leadership. The visit has been arranged by Project Interchange, a non-profit educational institute of the American Jewish Committee, which is an advocacy group based in New York. More »

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17 students receive Ph.D.s at Rockefeller’s 55th Convocation

In addition to the graduating students, honorary degrees were awarded to two Nobel winning scientists and members of the Rockefeller faculty, Günter Blobel and Paul Greengard, as well as James H. Simons, a mathematician, investor and philanthropist, and his wife Marilyn Simons, president of the Simons Foundation. More »

Rockefeller hosts British Prime Minister David Cameron

Cameron’s May 15 visit to the university, part an effort by the British government to acknowledge the value and investment that U.S. biomedical research has in the UK, also included a tour of President Marc Tessier-Lavigne’s neuroscience laboratory and a meeting with Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist Paul Greengard. More »

Nobel laureate Christian de Duve dies at 95

Christian de Duve was a Nobel Prize winning cell biologist whose research centered on the separation and characterization of the organelles of living cells. de Duve and his colleagues also made significant contributions to the development of techniques and instrumentation for the study of cell biology. More »

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Rockefeller announces 31 percent reduction in carbon emissions

Five years after the university committed to reducing its carbon footprint as part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2030 Carbon Challenge, Rockefeller was one of four participating universities that reached their target ahead of schedule. Bloomberg announced the results today at a press conference held in Rockefeller’s philosopher’s garden. More »

Howard Hang promoted to associate professor

Hang, a chemist who works to develop new tools for the study of host-pathogen interactions, has discovered that many proteins involved in host immunity to viruses and bacteria are regulated by fatty acid modifications.

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Rockefeller University hosts workshop on Next Generation Science Standards

Rockefeller University will host a series of workshops this weekend designed to help scientists and educators prepare for the adoption of new standards for teaching science in elementary and high schools. More »

New book explores history of cell biology at Rockefeller

Entering an Unseen World: A Founding Laboratory and Origins of Modern Cell Biology 1910–1974 tells the story of a Rockefeller laboratory from its humble beginnings as a cancer lab, through the founding of the new science of cell biology, to the ultimate prize for scientific accomplishment. More »

New neuroscience textbook will be a free reference for students in developing countries

The textbook, conceived and edited by Rockefeller University professor Donald W. Pfaff, is a 3,200 page, five-volume overview of both basic science and clinical issues in modern neuroscience, aimed at premedical, medical and graduate students.
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Robert Darnell named president of New York Genome Center

Darnell will direct all aspects of the NYGC, including its scientific and research activities, and the recruitment and development of a world-class scientific team in genomic research and medicine. Founded in 2010, the NYGC will be one of the largest genomics research facilities in North America, integrating sequencing, bioinformatics and data management. More »

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Nicholson Lecture brings vascular biologist to speak at Rockefeller as part of exchange program with Karolinska Institute

Christer Betsholtz will visit the Rockefeller University campus as part of a recently renewed program that supports research exchanges between the university and the Karolinska Institute. Betsholtz studies vascular biology, with a focus on cellular and molecular mechanisms for angiogenesis and vascular permeability. More »

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Rockefeller’s 54th convocation awards Ph.D.s to 40 graduating students

Each doctoral candidate will be presented for the degree by his or her mentor, a tradition dating back to the university’s first commencement ceremony in 1959. Additionally, two esteemed researchers will receive honorary doctor of science degrees: James E. Darnell Jr. of Rockefeller University and Joan A. Steitz of Yale University. More »

Rockefeller hosts first Leon Levy Neuroscience Fellows Symposium

The first Leon Levy Neuroscience Fellows Symposium will be held at Rockefeller University on Wednesday, May 16. Levy Fellows from Rockefeller, Columbia and New York universities, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medical College will discuss their latest neuroscience research with current Leon Levy Fellows as well as their mentors, former fellows and principal investigators involved with the fellowship program. More »

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Rockefeller creates Cohn-Steinman Professorship to honor discoverers of dendritic cells

The family of the late Ralph Steinman, who died in September three days before winning the Nobel Prize, will donate much of the proceeds from the award to establish the Cohn-Steinman Professorship at Rockefeller. Combined with other donations, the professorship will create an enduring memorial to Steinman and his mentor and collaborator, Zanvil Cohn. More »

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Norton Zinder, pioneering molecular geneticist, dies at 83

Zinder was a geneticist and microbiologist whose research on the genetics of bacteria and on the properties of bacteriophages provided important information on the mechanisms of heredity. He died February 3 after a long illness. More »

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University joins 10 leading medical and research institutions to form New York Genome Center

The New York Genome Center, which will become one of the largest genomic facilities in North America, will begin operations as early as spring 2012 in its 120,000 square foot Manhattan facility.
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