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In the News – The Scientist – Kronauer

Methylation’s Role in Eusocial Insect Behavior Questioned   “‘Discovering that there is no evidence to support methylation as a reason why two ants can behave so differently was, on the one hand, a little sobering,’ said study coauthor Daniel Kronauer … More »

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In the News – The Atlantic – Vosshall

The Quest to Make a Better Mosquito Repellent   “It’s not easy for a human to find a mosquito that doesn’t want to be found, but a mosquito can locate us quite easily. It’s a human-seeking machine, sculpted by evolution … More »

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In the News – CUNY TV – Tessier-Lavigne

Will We Find a Cure for Cancer and Alzheimer’s Anytime Soon?   “Science is on the march in the heart of New York City. With five Nobel Laureates on its faculty, Rockefeller University scientists are working to unlock the mysteries … More »

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In the News – Scientific American – Greengard turns 90

A Nobel Laureate Turning 90 Continues to Churn Out Ideas for New Drugs   “Paul Greengard has been busy. In August he co-authored a paper on molecules that appear to regulate genes that might protect against Parkinson’s. That same month … More »

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In the News – STAT – McEwen

There’s no such thing as a male or female brain, study finds   “These results add to a complex picture that you’d never guess from media accounts and pop psych books. After decades of research, ‘we’re still debating the question … More »

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In the News – The Lancet – Dubos

Antibiotic antagonist: the curious career of René Dubos   “Fortunately, Lederberg had been paying attention and in the late 1980s he used his position as head of the Rockefeller University to revive Dubos’s warnings about the mutability and adaptability of … More »

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In the News – Today – Flajolet

Alzheimer’s was ‘abstract’ until it affected my family   “November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and the Fisher Center at Rockefeller University is on the frontlines of the battle against the disease. Howard Lutnick, who leads the board at the Fisher … More »

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In the News – Newsday – O’Donnell

Researchers at Brookhaven lab, Stony Brook and Rockefeller universities make new discoveries about double helix copying   “In Manhattan, Michael O’Donnell, who heads Rockefeller’s Laboratory of DNA Replication, said the finding will change how students understand DNA replication. ‘It’s a … More »

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In the News – Bedford+Bowery – Caspary

Is it still ‘chamber’ music if it’s in a space-age geodesic dome? “Tucked into The Rockefeller University’s Upper East Side campus is the Caspary Auditorium, a 40-foot-high, 90-foot-round dome built in 1957. The dome serves as a meeting and lecture … More »

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In the News – Bargmann – NYTimes

Cori Bargmann Puts Her Mind to How the Brain Works   “Cornelia Bargmann, a neurobiologist at Rockefeller University in New York, studies how genes interact with neurons to create behavior. Two years ago, President Obama named Dr. Bargmann, who is … More »

In the News – Scientist – Nussenzweig

Double-Edged Enzyme   “Rockefeller’s Davide Robbiani, Michel Nussenzweig and colleagues infected wild-type mice with Plasmodium chabaudi, causing long-term malaria-like infections in mice. They found that B-lymphocytes had a potent and long-lasting response and that these cells expressed high levels of … More »

In the News – NY Post – Darnell

Ice Bucket Challenge money distributed to ALS researchers   “In New York, Dr. Robert Darnell is one of the beneficiaries. The New York Genome Center, where he is the president and scientific director, received $2.5 million in challenge money from … More »

In the News – CEN – Greengard

Sustained by Science   “No artist stops working, and I think really dedicated scientists—unless their health doesn’t allow it—are the same way,” Paul Greengard says. “We’re in a creative profession, so it never even occurred to me to stop.”

In the News – Business Insider – Bargmann

The 15 most amazing women in science today   “Through her studies on roundworms, Cori Bargmann is uncovering how neurons and genes affect behavior. Because many of the gene mechanisms in roundworms mimic those of mammals, Bargmann is able to … More »

In the News – Scientist – Nussenzweig

Neutralizing HIV   “A third group, led by Michel Nussenzweig at Rockefeller University and his colleagues, conducted experiments similar to those of Schief’s team, but taking them a step further. The researchers generated a second mouse line that also expressed … More »

In the News – WSJ – River Campus

Major Donations Bolster Hospital, Medical Research   “Rockefeller University plans to announce a $100 million gift from the Kravis foundation to build a laboratory research building that will be the centerpiece of a 2-acre campus extension over FDR Drive from … More »

In the News – Forbes – Tessier-Lavigne

Genentech Brain Trust Leaves With $217 Million For New Startup To Fight Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s   “Three former top researchers at Genentech, the legendary biotech that is now part of Roche Holding, have raised $217 million in venture capital to … More »

In the News – BBC – Nussenzweig

HIV: new approach against virus “holds promise”   “Michel Nussenzweig of The Rockefeller University told BBC News: ‘This is different to treatment out there already on two counts. First because it comes from a human – so it is natural … More »

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In the News – NPR – Casanova

A single gene may determine why some people get so sick with the flu “The study helps explain genetic variation changes the way that people fight off viruses. ‘The response to influenza is genetically impaired,’ says [Jean-Laurent] Casanova. He’s hoping … More »

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In the News – New York Times Dot Earth – Ausubel

Earth’s untallied biological bounty, from L.A. suburbs to deep seabed sediments   “Recent chats with Jesse Ausubel of Rockefeller University drew me this week to remarkable new discoveries of traces of life in sediment layers up to 200 feet beneath … More »