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Discovery of genes involved in inner ear development hints at a way to restore hearing and balance

Discovery of genes involved in inner ear development hints at a way to restore hearing and balanceScientists have identified two genes crucial to the production of delicate sensors, called hair cells, in mammals. These genes, or others in the same pathway, could be promising targets for efforts to treat hearing loss or balance problems, the scientists suggest. More »

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A. James Hudspeth elected to the American Philosophical Society

A. James Hudspeth elected to the American Philosophical SocietyMembership in this honorary society recognizes outstanding accomplishments within a member’s field. Hudspeth has worked toward a deepened understanding of the receptor cells of the inner ear, and how they contribute to hearing and hearing loss. More »

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Elusive protein points to mechanism behind hearing loss

A serendipitous discovery in zebra fish larvae born deaf has helped narrow down the function of an elusive protein necessary for hearing and balance. In addition to unveiling a potential target for therapy, the work suggests that hearing loss may arise from a faulty pathway that translates sound into electrical nerve impulses the brain can understand. More »

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Neuron in zebrafish may reveal clues to the wiring of the human ear

Neurobiology, like networking, is about making the right connections. Now, new research shows that developing neurons in zebrafish know exactly where to go to find the right match. Because analogous cells exist in the human ear, the work may ultimately lead to new therapies for people who are hard of hearing. More »

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$4.5 million grant funds interdisciplinary fellowships at Rockefeller

The grant, from the Leon Levy Foundation, will fund the Leon Levy Presidential Fellowships in Neuroscience, designed to recruit young scientists whose research is at the crossroads of physics, mathematics and neuroscience. More »

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New report bolsters theory on ear’s inner amplifier

Two competing theories exist to explain how the human ear amplifies sound. Now, using ear hair cells from a bullfrog, scientists at Rockefeller provide evidence to bolster the theory they proposed in 1998. More »

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Neuroscientist A. James Hudspeth Joins Rockefeller Faculty

An expert in the neurobiology and biophysics of hearing, A. James Hudspeth, Ph.D., M.D., joins the faculty at The Rockefeller University as the F.M. Kirby Professor. The chair is made possible by a gift of $2 million from the F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc., which supports health, educational, cultural, religious and other charitable organizations. Hudspeth also is an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a position he will continue at Rockefeller. More »