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New method gives scientists a better look at how HIV infects and takes over its host cells

New method gives scientists a better look at how HIV infects and takes over its host cellsA research team wanted to know how HIV uses its tiny genome to manipulate our cells, gain entry, and replicate—all while escaping the immune system. They’ve spent a decade developing an experimental approach that finally is yielding answers. More »

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Research captures transient details of HIV genome packaging

Researchers have employed a recently developed technique to capture how a viral protein, Gag, selectively extracts and packages viral RNA into the viral particles that exported to new cells. More »

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Long-acting drug effectively prevents HIV-like infection in monkeys

Long-acting drug effectively prevents HIV-like infection in monkeysBecause cabotegravir would require only one injection every three months, researchers hope this new drug, which has begun clinical testing, could improve some patients’ ability to take HIV prevention medication properly. More »

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Scientists identify broad and potent HIV antibodies that mimic CD4 binding

A new approach gives researchers the ability to isolate single antibodies as well as investigate entire families of highly active antibodies against HIV.
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‘Big picture’ of how interferon-induced genes launch antiviral defenses revealed

A team of researchers, led by scientists from Rockefeller University, for the first time has carried out a comprehensive, systematic evaluation of the antiviral activity of factors induced by interferon. The findings, published online today in the journal Nature, are a first step toward unraveling how these naturally occurring molecules work to inhibit viruses. More »

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Paleovirology expanded: New virus fragments found in animal genomes

New research now points the way to a record of viruses that have insinuated themselves into the genomes of insects and animals, providing clues about their evolutionary history. The findings could enable scientists to learn from genetic “fossils” of viruses in much the same way that they do from retroviruses, which unlike regular viruses, use their host’s genetic machinery to reproduce. More »

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Rockefeller and Aaron Diamond Researchers Say Resistance to HIV Drugs May Be Higher Than Previously Thought

A study of patients infected with the AIDS virus revealed that about one in six was carrying a strain that is resistant to at least one of the drugs targeting HIV, researchers report from the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, an affiliate of The Rockefeller University. Lead author Daniel Boden, M.D., and 11 colleagues report the research as the cover story in the Sept. 22-29 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The authors suggest that further research should try to establish whether AIDS therapy structured around HIV-resistance testing would be more effective than current methods. More »

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Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center Affiliates with The Rockefeller University

The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center for the City of New York, the largest private HIV/AIDS research center in the world, has affiliated with The Rockefeller University, a New York City-based graduate institution specializing in basic biomedical research. The university’s board of trustees voted on the plan at a meeting Thursday, June 13, 1996. More »

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