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Agata Smogorzewska, who studies DNA repair, promoted to associate professor

Agata Smogorzewska, who studies DNA repair, promoted to associate professorSince arriving in 2009, Smogorzewska has investigated a type of DNA repair that occurs during cell division when cells remove misplaced links between DNA strands. To identify the genes and understand the molecular mechanisms involved, she investigates this repair through the lens of rare genetic disorders. More »

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Mutations linked to genetic disorders shed light on a crucial DNA repair pathway

Mutations linked to genetic disorders shed light on a crucial DNA repair pathwayResearchers have identified two new genes in which mutations can interfere with a cell’s ability to remove misplaced links between DNA strands, and, as a result, cause a rare genetic disorder known as Fanconi anemia. These discoveries offer new insight on a repair process critical to maintaining certain tissues and preventing cancer. More »

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Collaboration finds kidney disease tied to DNA damage

A research collaboration involving Rockefeller University and more than two dozen other institutions found that patients who had a specific kind of kidney disease — called karyomegalic interstitial nephritis — were likely to also have a mutation on FAN1, a gene that is involved in fixing DNA damage. More »

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Researchers identify DNA damage repair gene in Fanconi anemia pathway

The threats to our genes come fast and furious. To fend them off, evolution has come up with complex safety measures to preserve the stability of our DNA. New research identifies a protein that is involved in guarding against a particularly dangerous peril called the inter-strand crosslink, when two strands of DNA become stuck together and can’t be unzipped for their proper replication or transcription. A mutation in the gene that produces this protein may lead to the deadly cancer-causing disorder known as Fanconi anemia, and may be involved in breast cancer as well, the experiments show. More »

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Two proteins act as molecular tailors in DNA repair

On average, our cells encounter a very lethal form of DNA damage 10 times a day. Lucky for us, we have the capacity to repair each and every one of them. New research now reveals exactly how two well-known proteins are involved in the process, a finding that not only helps shed light on cancer but also on how our cells maintain the integrity of our genome. More »

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New Rockefeller faculty member studies mechanisms of DNA repair

Agata Smogorzewska, a physician-scientist whose research focuses on DNA repair and on the molecular basis of Fanconi anemia, a genomic instability syndrome that leads to leukemia and other forms of cancer, will join The Rockefeller University as head of the Laboratory of Genome Maintenance. More »

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