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New technique efficiently turns antibodies into highly tuned ‘nanobodies’

New technique efficiently turns antibodies into highly tuned ‘nanobodies’Antibodies’ tiny cousins have many potential uses, but scientists haven’t been able to take advantage of them. However, a new technique may make nanobodies dramatically more accessible for all kinds of research. More »

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Imaging studies open a window on how effective antibodies are formed

Imaging studies open a window on how effective antibodies are formedBy imaging the immune response, researchers have observed how two types of immune cells interact with one another during a critical period following infection in order to prepare the best antibodies and establish long-lasting protection. More »

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Potent antibodies neutralize HIV and could offer new therapy, study finds

Rockefeller researchers in Michel Nussenzweig’s Laboratory of Molecular Immunology have found that a newly-discovered class of especially potent antibodies is effective at neutralizing HIV infection in mice for a 60 day period, longer than current antiretroviral drugs which require daily application. The antibodies, which suppressed the virus when used in combination, could one day be given to humans to treat the disease. More »

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Many Immune Cells Are Fine-tuned to Prevent “Friendly Fire”

About one-quarter of the body’s antibodies are produced by immune cells that have had their genetic code revised during a halt in their development, scientists at Rockefeller University and three other institutions have found. The study is the first to show that this phenomenon, called “receptor editing,” plays a major role in the creation of the body’s huge antibody array. More »

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400 High School Students Attack Foreign Invaders!: RU Mirsky Lecture on the Body’s Immune Response

On Monday, December 28, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., one of the leaders in the field of immunology will share his latest research with 400 area high school science students at the 39th Annual Alfred E. Mirsky Christmas Lecture Series on Science, The Rockefeller University, Caspary Hall, 1230 York Avenue (at 66th Street). Student attendance is by ticket only. Press coverage is invited. More »

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