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Charles Rice to receive 2015 Robert Koch Award

Charles Rice to receive the 2015 Robert Koch AwardGranted by the Robert Koch Foundation, the annual award is one of Germany’s most distinguished scientific prizes and honors extraordinary accomplishments in infectious disease research. It recognizes Rice’s work on understanding the lifecycle of the hepatitis C virus and laying the groundwork for effective therapeutic developments. More »

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Charles Gilbert to receive Scolnick Prize for visual perception work

Charles Gilbert to receive Scolnick Prize for visual perception workThe prize, awarded by MIT’s McGovern Institute, honors outstanding achievements in neuroscience. It recognizes Gilbert’s work on visual perception and brain plasticity. More »

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Robert Darnell elected to National Academy of Sciences

Darnell, who focuses on understanding a group of rare brain diseases, the paraneoplastic neurologic disorders (PNDs), and how they arise in conjunction with immune responses to cancer, is one of 84 newly elected members announced today by the Academy.
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David Allis, pioneer in epigenetics, to receive prestigious Japan Prize

Allis’s discovery that chemical “tags” bind to specific sections of histone proteins in order to activate or silence nearby genes has ignited the field of epigenetics, a relatively new area of study which explores the inheritance of physical changes that cannot be traced back to mutations in the DNA sequence. The Japan Prize, worth approximately half a million dollars, is among the most prestigious prizes in science. More »

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