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Scientists use Nature against Nature to develop an antibiotic with reduced resistance

Scientists at Rockefeller University and Astex Pharmaceuticals have discovered a new broad range antibiotic that kills a wide range of bacteria, including drug-resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) bacteria that do not respond to traditional drugs, in mice. The antibiotic, Epimerox, targets weaknesses in bacteria that have long been exploited by viruses that attack them, known as phage.

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“Bacteria-eating” viruses may spread some infectious diseases

A strep-infected child in a daycare center plays with a toy, puts it in her mouth and crawls away. Another child plays with the same toy and comes down with strep. More »

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Natural-born killers enlisted to fight anthrax

Researchers at The Rockefeller University have hit upon a promising method for rapidly and effectively treating people infected with the deadly anthrax bacterium — including feared drug – resistant strains. The new research, reported in the August 22 issue of Nature, takes advantage of anthrax’s number one natural enemy: bateriophage, or “bacteria – eating” viruses. More »

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Novel Method To Fight Drug-resistant Infections Emerges from Lab – and Nature

Scientists have turned to nature once again for help in fighting deadly infections. Reporting in the Dec. 7 issue of Science, Rockefeller University researchers show that a natural enzyme derived from tiny viruses that live inside bacteria can successfully target and kill disease bacteria, including those that are resistant to drugs. More »

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