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Researchers shed new light on RNA’s journey out of a cell’s nucleus

Researchers shed new light on RNA’s journey out of a cell’s nucleusTo make proteins, cells must export RNA from their carefully guarded nuclei. Researchers have determined the structure of one important component of the restrictive gate through which this cargo must pass, with implications for understanding disease. More »

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Scientists identify broad and potent HIV antibodies that mimic CD4 binding

A new approach gives researchers the ability to isolate single antibodies as well as investigate entire families of highly active antibodies against HIV.
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Bacterial protein mimics its host to disable a key enzyme

Bacteria use all sorts of cunning to trick hosts into doing their bidding. One con in their bag of tricks: the molecular mimic. In this ruse, bacteria or their agents look for all purposes like some native molecule in a cell, but then do not behave accordingly. Working with H. pylori, the bacterium responsible for gastric ulcers and cancer, researchers have revealed one way bacteria pull this off, deciphering the structure of a piece of CagA, a bacterial protein that impersonates a human protein in order to disable a key enzyme. More »

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New molecule identified in DNA damage response

Evolution places the highest premium on reproduction, natural selection’s only standard for biological success. In the case of replicating cells, life spares no expense to ensure that the offspring is a faithful copy of the parent. Researchers have identified a new player in this elaborate system of quality control, a gene whose mutation can cause a rare but lethal disease. More »

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New sequencing technique to prod benefits from killer venom

Any given venom can contain hundreds of toxins with different functions, but teasing them out of a venom sample is no mean feat. Researchers at Rockefeller University have developed a method of protein sequencing that can speed up the decoding of these toxins by orders of magnitude, raising the prospect that they will be able to test a great many of these molecules for their medical potential. More »

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Researchers develop a device that mimics one of nature’s key transport machines

A cell’s nuclear pore complex controls transport of materials from one side to the other. Now, by trying to recreate the structure, scientists have gained a broader understanding of how it works. More »

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Brian T. Chait Named Dreyfus Professor, Albert J. Libchaber Appointed Bronk Professor, Ralph Steinman Selected Kunkel Professor

The Rockefeller University has appointed three faculty members to named professorships: mass spectrometrist Brian T. Chait, D. Phil., is the new Camille and Henry Dreyfus Professor, physicist Albert J. Libchaber, M.D., Ph.D., is the new Detlev W. Bronk Professor and immunologist Ralph Steinman, M.D., is the new Henry G. Kunkel Professor. More »

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Fat, Body Weight Regulated by Newly Discovered Hormone

A protein, identified in mice and humans, reduced body weight in mice by 30 percent after two weeks of treatment, report scientists in the July 28 Science. The findings have important implications for understanding the causes of obesity, which affects one in three Americans. More »

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