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DNA strands often “wiggle” as part of genetic repair

DNA strands often “wiggle” as part of genetic repairNew research indicates that every time a double-stranded break occurs in DNA strands, the damaged ends move about during repair. Scientists believe a better understanding of this mysterious mechanism could improve the use of cancer treatments, some of which manipulate DNA repair in malignant cells. More »

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A chemotherapy drug packs a one-two punch

How cancer cells are killed could turn out to be an important element in activating a patient’s immune system. A new study shows that one chemotherapy drug may kill tumor cells in such a way that the immune system can recognize the cancerous cells and help fight the disease more effectively. More »

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Malignant Cells Survive-and Replicate-Because Cancer-causing Molecule Jams Normal p53 Cell-suicide Trigger

A cancer-causing molecule called WISP-1 may explain why some people with cancer do not benefit from chemotherapy while others with the same form of cancer respond to the treatment, according to researchers at The Rockefeller University. The findings, reported in the Jan. 1 issue of Genes and Development, suggest that drugs designed to block WISP-1 may increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy in colon cancer and perhaps other cancers. More »

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