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31 students receive Ph.D.s at Rockefeller’s 58th convocation

Rockefeller University has graduated 31 new scientists, who received their doctoral degrees from their mentors in a tradition dating back to the university’s first commencement ceremony, in 1959. Honorary doctor of science degrees were also awarded to four esteemed researchers: James Allison, Max Cooper, Suzanne Cory, and Alice Dautry-Varsat. More »

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Twenty-nine students receive doctorates at Rockefeller’s 57th Convocation

At its convocation ceremony on Thursday, June 11, the university’s doctoral candidates were presented their degrees by their mentors. Honorary degrees were given to three female scientists, one of them posthumously, and the four founders of the Women & Science program received the David Rockefeller Award for Extraordinary Service. More »

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Twenty-four students receive Ph.D.s at Rockefeller’s 56th Convocation

The Rockefeller University awarded doctoral degrees to 24 students at its convocation ceremony today. Additionally, the university awarded three honorary degrees, to John Gurdon, Julian Robertson and Sinya Yamanaka. Each doctoral candidate was presented for the degree by his or her mentor, a tradition dating back to the university’s first commencement ceremony in 1959.
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23 students receive Ph.D.s at Rockefeller’s 53rd commencement

The Rockefeller University will award doctoral degrees to 23 students at its commencement ceremony today, and in addition, will award honorary doctor of science degrees to two respected scholars: Richard Axel of Columbia University and Linda B. Buck of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. More »


Twenty-eight degrees awarded at Rockefeller’s 48th convocation

Rockefeller University’s 48th Convocation, held yesterday, marked the completion of graduate studies for 28 students. Twenty-six of this year’s 28 graduates participated in a formal presentation of Ph.D.s held in Caspary Auditorium on the university’s Manhattan campus. President Paul Nurse and Chair of the Board Russ Carson presided over the ceremony. More »