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Scientists identify broad and potent HIV antibodies that mimic CD4 binding

A new approach gives researchers the ability to isolate single antibodies as well as investigate entire families of highly active antibodies against HIV.
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A DNA-based vaccine shows promise against the avian flu

By combining a newly discovered application technique with a broad genetic target, researchers may have created a potent vaccine against the virus. If successful, the new vaccine could be rapidly produced and effective against a broad spectrum of viral strains. More »

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“CAF” protein mystery solved by AIDS researchers

Acclaimed AIDS researcher David Ho, M.D., a Rockefeller University Irene Diamond Professor who heads the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC), and his research team, have discovered that several natural proteins -alpha-defensins 1, 2 and 3 – can be manufactured and released by killer T cells to inhibit HIV. More »

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Rockefeller and Aaron Diamond Researcher David D. Ho Receives Presidential Citizens Medal

Rockefeller University Professor David D. Ho, M.D., scientific director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC), will receive the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Clinton today in a ceremony at the White House. Ho is one of 28 recipients being recognized for “remarkable service and accomplishments” in a variety of areas. More »

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Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center Affiliates with The Rockefeller University

The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center for the City of New York, the largest private HIV/AIDS research center in the world, has affiliated with The Rockefeller University, a New York City-based graduate institution specializing in basic biomedical research. The university’s board of trustees voted on the plan at a meeting Thursday, June 13, 1996. More »

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