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In the News – Reuters – Brady

NYC dirt has scientists digging for antibiotic success   “Researchers at The Rockefeller University in New York City have found that bacteria extracted from local parks contain genes that might encode drug-like molecules like antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and cancer-curing agents. ‘Almost … More »

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In the News – Wall Street Journal – Brady

New York City Dirt Rich in Bacteria Related to Medical Treatments   “Traditionally, researchers seeking new clinical compounds treated cities as a barren asphalt jungle, lacking the natural diversity of micro-organisms found in unspoiled regions. Using New York as a … More »

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Survey of New York City soil uncovers medicine-making microbes

Survey of New York City soil uncovers medicine-making microbesSifting soil from city parks, scientists have found microbial genes capable of making compounds whose potent effects can make them valuable tools in the fight against disease. Their research suggests that many more await discovery, even in a place as mundane as urban dirt. More »

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