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Genetically identical ants help unlock the secrets of larval fate

Rockefeller researchers are developing a species of small raider ants as a model organism in order to ask questions about the relationships between genes, social behavior and evolution. One such question: How does the interaction between a larvae’s interaction with its caretaker sway the fate of the young animal? More »

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Simulator allows scientists to predict evolution’s next best move

In evolution, even the slightest beginnings can lead to tools as complex as the human eye. But how? By modeling the steps evolution takes to build, from scratch, an adaptive biochemical network, Rockefeller University scientists have provided a computational answer to one of Darwin’s biggest questions. More »

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Rockefeller University hosts two-day evolution symposium

Beginning with the molecular origins of life and culminating with the latest findings on human evolution, 18 of the world’s leading experts will report on research spanning three billion years of evolution. More »

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Understanding primate evolution could aid HIV research

The discovery of an evolutionary duplication — the same genetic mutation in two species of monkey — is providing researchers with new insight into evolution and a potential new subject for an animal model for HIV. More »

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