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Titia de Lange to receive Canada Gairdner International Award

de Lange is being recognized for her discovery of the mechanisms by which mammalian telomeres are protected from deleterious DNA repair and damage responses. The Gairdner is Canada’s highest scientific award and is considered among the most prestigious international prizes in science. More »

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Jeffrey V. Ravetch and Michael W. Young to receive Canada Gairdner International Awards

The Gairdner Foundation is recognizing Jeffrey V. Ravetch for his work demonstrating how our immune system can be both protective and harmful and Michael W. Young for his nearly three decades of research on circadian rhythms, the biological clocks that regulate our bodies’ patterns of sleep and wakefulness, metabolism and response to disease. The Gairdner, which is Canada’s highest scientific award, is considered among the top ten most prestigious international prizes in science. The scientists will each receive $100,000 from the Gairdner Foundation.

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David Allis to receive Gairdner Award

Allis, who studies DNA-packaging proteins called histones, is one of five scientists to be honored by the Gairdner Foundation for “fundamental discoveries that will have impact on human genetic development, cancer and other diseases.” More »

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Jeffrey Friedman, discoverer of leptin, receives Gairdner, Passano awards

Rockefeller University’s Jeffrey M. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D., a molecular geneticist whose discovery of the hormone leptin and its role in regulating body weight has changed our understanding of the causes of human obesity, has received two prestigious awards for this work: the Gairdner Foundation International Award and the Passano Foundation Award. More »

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Gairdner Prize honors Rockefeller scientist Ralph Steinman, M.D.

For the critical discovery of the immune system’s sentinel dendritic cells, and for demonstrating that science can fruitfully harness the power of these cells and other components of the immune system to curb infections and other communicable diseases, Professor Ralph Steinman, M.D., shares the 2003 Gairdner Foundation International Award, announced Tuesday, April 8, in Toronto. More »

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