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Research on sweat glands suggests a route to better skin grafts

Research on sweat glands suggests a route to better skin graftsScientists have discovered the signaling pathways that help hair follicles and sweat glands form during development, and identified the mechanism that allows both of these features to coexist in human skin. The findings may improve the methods used to grow tissue used in grafting procedures.
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Study of hair follicles leads researchers to a key stem cell protein

With all the excitement over what stem cells can become, a few basic questions tend to be overlooked: Where do they come from? And how do they survive? Now Rockefeller University‚Äôs Elaine Fuchs has come a step closer to addressing the issue, showing that in hair follicles, the protein Lhx2 acts as a molecular brake to regulate the switch between stem cell maintenance and activation. More »

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Never too much of a good thing

Research from the Fuchs Lab shows that different levels of Wnt proteins are able to drive a variety of outcomes in the skin. Low levels can drive hair follicle stem cells to divide, while higher amounts cause cell differentiation. Their results may provide insight into how overstimulating skin stem cells can lead to tumors. More »

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