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Study explains how an intestinal microbe protects against other, more dangerous bacteria

Worm Cross Section ThumbnailWorking in animal models, scientists have found that an enzyme produced by one microbe can shield the gut against attack from other, more harmful bacteria. The findings could potentially inform the design of new probiotics for use against dangerous pathogens like those spreading hospital-acquired infections. More »

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Howard Hang promoted to associate professor

Hang, a chemist who works to develop new tools for the study of host-pathogen interactions, has discovered that many proteins involved in host immunity to viruses and bacteria are regulated by fatty acid modifications.

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Chemical immunologist recruited to head new Rockefeller lab

A faculty search process begun last year has yielded its second successful recruit, the chemical immunologist Howard Hang, who will join Rockefeller University as assistant professor and head of the Laboratory of Chemical Biology and Microbial Pathogenesis in early 2007. More »