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Scientists ID a single sugar that allows antibodies to fight inflammation

Rockefeller researchers have uncovered how a widely used yet little-understood therapy for autoimmune diseases like asthma and lupus works. The treatment, called IVIG, is effective because a small fraction of the antibodies it contains are affixed with a single sugar that gives the antibodies a protective, anti-inflammatory effect. And now that they understand how it works, they may be able to turn an adequate treatment into something that’s 100 times more effective and chemically pure. More »

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Researchers uncover a pathway linked to autoimmune disease

In a series of discoveries that has the potential to help researchers halt autoimmune disorders — such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis — a Rockefeller University scientist has found an underlying mechanism that begins to explain the pathologies of a number of immune diseases. More »

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Immune cell receptors act in combination to regulate attack

Not all antibodies are created equal, and Rockefeller researchers have just pinned down one reason why: Each one activates different combinations of receptors on an immune cell’s surface, and only one combination results in the most effective immune response. More »

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