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Researchers develop automated melanoma detector for skin cancer screening

Researchers develop automated melanoma detector for skin cancer screeningDoctors have trouble diagnosing melanoma because benign moles look very similar to malignant growths. But in developing a new technology that automatically extracts quantitative data from images of melanomas, scientists hope to help doctors detect the disease earlier and avoid unnecessary biopsies. More »

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Psoriasis researchers identify molecular changes responsible for skin discoloration

Two immune system molecules — interleukin-17 and tumor necrosis factor — are increased in psoriasis, leading the immune system to attack a person’s own skin cells. Scientists found that these molecules disrupt the pigment production of patients’ melanocytes, and are responsible for the dark spots that psoriasis leaves behind. The results could bring about new treatments for pigmentation changes in this and other skin conditions such as eczema and acne. More »

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Genomic differences identified in common skin diseases

If you have dry skin, wet it, if wet skin, dry it. This has been a general rule of dermatology for centuries, but scientists are working to develop more precise treatments for the dozen-plus inflammatory skin diseases that afflict people. New research details the fine genetic and immunological differences between two of the most common skin diseases, psoriasis and atopic eczema, presenting a new way to classify the disorders as well as possible novel therapeutics. More »

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Recently discovered cell is unexpected player in psoriasis

The psoriasis drug etanercept has had a high success rate, but its mechanism was largely unknown. Now, by studying patients’ immune reaction to the drug, Rockefeller University researchers have found that a newly discovered immune cell — the Th17 cell — may be playing an unexpected role in the disease. More »

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Common immune cell marker shown to be off target

In a case of mistaken identity, an immune cell marker that researchers have been using for 15 years to identify a specific type of skin dendritic cell doesn’t identify dendritic cells at all. Instead, the marker, called FXIIIA, is highlighting macrophages — a completely different group of immune cells. More »

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Gift from Milstein family to support melanoma research

Howard P. Milstein, a banker and philanthropist who serves as chairman of the largest privately held bank in the U.S., has, with his family, donated $5.5 million to The Rockefeller University to focus on improving understanding of the biology and progression of human melanoma. More »

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