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Jean-Laurent Casanova honored with Belgium’s highest scientific prize

Jean-Laurent Casanova has received the 2011 InBev-Baillet Latour Health Prize, Belgium’s most important scientific prize, for his pioneering work on the identification of genes that predispose for human infectious disease. More »

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Rockefeller immunologist receives Gates Foundation Grand Challenges grant

Jean-Laurent Casanova will launch a new project aimed at understanding how a collection of genetically diverse errors in immunity leads to susceptibility to tuberculosis in children under 15 years old. More »

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Scientists pinpoint source of recurrent yeast infections in autoimmune syndrome

It turns out that the immune system can create its own infections. Scientists now report that the immune-fighting proteins that keep yeast in check in healthy immune systems are under siege in patients with a rare autoimmune disorder known as APS-1. By pinpointing the cause of candidiasis in these patients, the finding paves the way for treating these fungal infections with drugs that are already out in the market. More »

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Mutation leads to new and severe form of bacterial disease

Everybody gets sick, but how sick you get is in your genes. New research now reveals a mutation on a gene that makes children susceptible to a severe form of mycobacterial disease. The work not only supports a controversial idea that certain genes evolved to combat specific bacteria but also reveals new mechanistic details of how the immune system fights off one of the planet’s fiercest pathogens. More »

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Clinical immunologist to join Rockefeller University

Jean-Laurent Casanova, a distinguished pediatrician and immunologist who comes from Hospital Necker for Sick Children in Paris, will join the faculty at The Rockefeller University as professor of medicine and head of the Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases in September 2008. More »