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In the News – The Lancet – Dubos

Antibiotic antagonist: the curious career of René Dubos   “Fortunately, Lederberg had been paying attention and in the late 1980s he used his position as head of the Rockefeller University to revive Dubos’s warnings about the mutability and adaptability of … More »

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Norton Zinder, pioneering molecular geneticist, dies at 83

Zinder was a geneticist and microbiologist whose research on the genetics of bacteria and on the properties of bacteriophages provided important information on the mechanisms of heredity. He died February 3 after a long illness. More »

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Joshua Lederberg, Rockefeller’s fifth president, dies at 82

An adviser to nine U.S. presidential administrations, Lederberg was a distinguished molecular geneticist whose achievements helped lay the foundation for the current revolution in molecular biology and biotechnology. More »


Lederberg receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Emeritus Joshua Lederberg, a Nobel laureate who has served as an adviser to nine U.S. presidential administrations, receives the nation’s highest civilian award. More »

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Scientists warn nuclear catastrophe is ‘an imminent danger’

Rockefeller’s Joshua Lederberg joins former defense secretary William Perry to urge that more attention be given to the threat of a terrorist-sponsored nuclear attack. More »

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Symposium to honor Joshua Lederberg

Some of the world’s foremost scientists, statesmen and policymakers will gather at The Rockefeller University for “A Scientific Medley: Celebratory Symposium in Honor of Dr. Joshua Lederberg,” Monday, October 17, in honor of his 80th birthday. More »