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Biostatistics approach to genetics yields new clues to roots of autism

Researchers have developed a statistical method for genetic screens that improves the classic genome-wide association screen, and, applying to autism, have uncovered genes related to the disorder that had not been suggested in previous analyses. The scientists offer evidence that beginning treatment in infants at the first symptoms could change the course of the disease, possibly preventing the permanent “pruning” of neurons, which occurs during the first two years of life, from cementing autistic symptoms in place. More »

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Statistical analysis could yield new drug target for MS

For years, multiple sclerosis researchers have had a database with the disease-relevant genes of 13,000 individuals who either have the autoimmune affliction or are closely related to those who do. But until now, they had been unable to home in with precision on exactly what parts of the genes put those who have them at highest risk for the disorder. A new statistical analysis by a biostatistician at Rockefeller University has identified a single amino acid as the most important risk factor for the disease that afflicts 2.5 million people worldwide. More »

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U.S. and China tie for Olympic glory, according to statistician

By applying a statistical method originally developed to understand side effects associated with medical treatments, scientists have computed an objective score for each country in the Beijing games. The result: China and the United States are dead even, each ranking ahead of 85 other countries. More »

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Biostatistics methodology yields an objective Tour de France ranking

The problem with ranking cyclists is similar to the problem encountered by biostatisticians attempting to analyze data about the immune system or drug interactions: To get meaningful results you have to make subjective decisions about how important individual data are. But by applying biostatistical methodology to 54 years of Tour de France statistics, Rockefeller University scientists have created an objective ranking of the world’s best cyclists. More »

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