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Paul Bieniasz promoted to professor

A retrovirologist at Rockefeller who studies the mechanisms that viruses use to assemble new viral particles and the resistance of certain cell types to infection has been awarded tenure and promoted to professor. Paul Bieniasz has reanimated extinct retroviruses, elucidated defenses evolved by organisms to fend off attacking viruses and made key strides toward developing a monkey model of HIV. More »

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Imaging study shows HIV particles assembling around its genome

The genesis of one the planet’s most lethal viruses, HIV, has been caught on tape. New imaging experiments show individual HIV genomes — strands of RNA — docking on the inner membrane of an infected cell wall as they are ensconced by HIV structural proteins. More »

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Immune system uses a “leash” to restrict HIV’s spread

New research shows how an antiviral protein, tetherin, lashes newborn viral particles to infected cells, slowing the spread of infection. Understanding how this immune system defense works against HIV, Ebola and other deadly viruses could lead to better antiviral therapies. More »

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