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In the News – New York Times – Rice

Lasker Awards Given for Work in Physiology, Virology and Science Education   “At the time, researchers thought the work might be as simple as inserting that newly sequenced RNA into cultured cells and watching it replicate. But in experiment after … More »

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Charles M. Rice wins Lasker Award for groundbreaking work on the hepatitis C virus

Charles M. RiceThis year’s Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award honors Charles M. Rice, who developed a system to study the replication of the virus that causes hepatitis C, an advance that has led to safe and powerful new drugs that cure the disease. The award, considered the most coveted American prize in medical science, will be presented on September 23 in New York City. More »

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Jeffrey M. Friedman receives Albert Lasker Award for discovery of leptin

This year’s Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research, the most prestigious American prize in science, honors Rockefeller University’s Jeffrey M. Friedman, who discovered leptin, a hormone that regulates food intake and body weight. More »

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Rockefeller immunologist receives Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research

This year’s Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research honors Rockefeller University’s Ralph M. Steinman, who discovered dendritic cells, the preeminent component of the immune system that initiates and regulates the body’s response to foreign antigens. More »

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Lasker Award (“American Nobel”) honors Rockefeller University scientist Robert Roeder for pioneering studies of how human genes are switched on and off

Robert G. Roeder, Ph.D., a biochemist whose research has led to major advances in understanding how human genes are switched “on” and “off,” is this year’s recipient of the highly prestigious Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research, the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation announced today. More »

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Lasker Award Honors Rockefeller University’s James Darnell

James E. Darnell Jr., M.D., the pioneering researcher in the field of gene regulation — who has nurtured the careers of over 100 young, talented scientists — was honored today with the 2002 Albert Lasker Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science. More »

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Rockefeller Researcher Roderick MacKinnon Receives 1999 Lasker Award

Rockefeller University Professor Roderick MacKinnon, M.D., has been named a recipient of the 1999 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award, the nation’s most distinguished honor for outstanding contributions to basic and clinical medical research. More »

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