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2010 Pearl Meister Greengard Prize goes to two pioneers of cancer genetics

Janet Davison Rowley and Mary-Claire King, pioneering cancer geneticists, are the recipients of the 2010 Pearl Meister Greengard Prize awarded by The Rockefeller University. Established by Nobel Prize winner Paul Greengard and his wife, sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard, the prize honors women who have made extraordinary contributions to biomedical science, a group that historically has not received appropriate recognition and acclaim. More »

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Molecular bridge serves as a tether for cell’s nucleus

Without support, a cell’s nucleus would be barely able to withstand the forces that keep it in place. But new research reveals a network of molecules in the nuclear membrane that provide rigidity and facilitate a previously undiscovered form of communication between the cell’s nucleus and its cytoplasm. More »

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