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Researchers develop automated melanoma detector for skin cancer screening

Researchers develop automated melanoma detector for skin cancer screeningDoctors have trouble diagnosing melanoma because benign moles look very similar to malignant growths. But in developing a new technology that automatically extracts quantitative data from images of melanomas, scientists hope to help doctors detect the disease earlier and avoid unnecessary biopsies. More »

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Cancer biologist and physician Sohail Tavazoie is promoted to associate professor

Cancer biologist and physician Sohail Tavazoie receives promotionTavazoie, who joined Rockefeller in 2009, works to understand how cancer cells become able to escape a tumor and invade other organs, a process known as metastasis. He searches for genes and molecular pathways cancer cells exploit in order to metastasize and, with that knowledge, hopes to develop future treatments to prevent or interfere with the process.
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Drug is identified that could block the spread of melanoma

Researchers have found a promising new route to slowing or even preventing melanoma cells from spreading within the body. Using a compound that targets a hormone receptor, the team found they could reduce tumors’ recruitment of blood vessels, a process necessary for metastasis. More »

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Gift from Milstein family to support melanoma research

Howard P. Milstein, a banker and philanthropist who serves as chairman of the largest privately held bank in the U.S., has, with his family, donated $5.5 million to The Rockefeller University to focus on improving understanding of the biology and progression of human melanoma. More »

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