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Researchers shed new light on RNA’s journey out of a cell’s nucleus

Researchers shed new light on RNA’s journey out of a cell’s nucleusTo make proteins, cells must export RNA from their carefully guarded nuclei. Researchers have determined the structure of one important component of the restrictive gate through which this cargo must pass, with implications for understanding disease. More »

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New method gives scientists a better look at how HIV infects and takes over its host cells

New method gives scientists a better look at how HIV infects and takes over its host cellsA research team wanted to know how HIV uses its tiny genome to manipulate our cells, gain entry, and replicate—all while escaping the immune system. They’ve spent a decade developing an experimental approach that finally is yielding answers. More »

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Rockefeller announces tenure appointments of two faculty

Rockefeller University president Paul Nurse has announced the tenure promotion of two faculty members: Tarun Kapoor, a researcher in cell division and head of Rockefeller’s Laboratory of Chemistry and Cell Biology, and Michael P. Rout, head of the Laboratory of Cellular and Structural Biology, which focuses on the nuclear pore complex. Both were promoted from associate professor to professor. More »

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From cell to gel: refined protocol uses GFP to locate proteins and examine their interactions

Green fluorescent protein, already widely used to visualize where proteins occur within cells, can now be used to study how those proteins interact with one another. The new technique, developed by Rockefeller scientists, establishes a simple and rapid method that can be applied to any protein that has been previously linked to GFP. More »

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Rockefeller researchers receive $10 million grant to study how molecules interact within cells

The National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health announced this week that Rockefeller’s Michael P. Rout will be a recipient of a five-year, $10 million grant to study how molecules interact with one another within and between cells. More »

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“Crucial evolutionary link”: Molecular sculptor may have molded simple ancient bacterial cells into modern, highly structured cells

A team of researchers led by Rockefeller University’s Michael P. Rout, Ph.D., have discovered a possible crucial evolutionary link between the simple cells that make up bacteria and the more complex cells that comprise animal and plant cells, including those of humans. More »

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Rockefeller researchers characterize yeast nuclear pore complex

Researchers from The Rockefeller University and the University of Alberta in Canada have obtained the first comprehensive inventory of the protein components of the nuclear pore complex (NPC), an essential cellular structure that regulates transport between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. More »

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