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Study uncovers how cells organize the growth of their structural filaments

Study uncovers how cells organize the growth of their structural filamentsResearchers have described how two proteins work together to guide the assembly of important structural elements known as microtubules within the cell. This discovery helps explain how cells prepare to use these filaments. More »

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DNA strands often “wiggle” as part of genetic repair

DNA strands often “wiggle” as part of genetic repairNew research indicates that every time a double-stranded break occurs in DNA strands, the damaged ends move about during repair. Scientists believe a better understanding of this mysterious mechanism could improve the use of cancer treatments, some of which manipulate DNA repair in malignant cells. More »

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First images of protein export in cells illuminate structural “highways” called microtubules as sole conduits of protein cargo

For the first time, scientists have viewed — and recorded on camera — the final pathway followed by a protein as it exits the body cell that created it. Once released from a cell, a protein is free to perform its duties as a neurotransmitter, hormone, cell surface receptor, or one of the many other “work horses” that function outside of body cells every second of the day. More »

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Rockefeller researchers identify new mechanism that ensures accurate partitioning of genetic material in dividing cells

Every minute, the human body replaces 300 million of its dying cells with new ones through the vital biological process known as cell division. When dividing and multiplying, a “parent” cell must segregate with exquisite precision each of its 46 chromosomes so that two “daughter” cells inherit all of its genetic information. More »

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