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Rockefeller University awarded $27 million NIH grant to fund clinical and translational science in Hospital

The five-year “CTSA” grant will enable clinical work based at The Rockefeller University Hospital. The Clinical and Translational Science Award, given by the NIH, is designed to improve the translational research process and foster innovation in research methods, training, and career development. More »

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Rockefeller University receives $36.1 million to help translate science into cures

Rockefeller University’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), a center aimed at accelerating the pace of translating science into real-life solutions for patients, has received $36.1 million from the National Institutes of Health to expand its work over the next five years. The CCTS is among 10 institutes nationwide to receive the renewed funding, in recognition of their successes during the first five years of the NIH’s Clinical and Translational Science Awards program. More »

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Rockefeller virologists and MIT tissue engineers receive $5.8 million NIH grant to study hepatitis

Provided through the National Institutes of Health’s inaugural Transformative R01 grant program — a groundbreaking initiative designed to encourage high-risk research — the grant will run for five years and will fund efforts to elucidate the notoriously complex mechanisms underlying hepatitis B and C virus infection. More »

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Rockefeller University receives $45 million NIH grant for clinical, translational science

With the award, Rockefeller University has established the Center for Clinical and Translational Science, which will bring together translational researchers at Rockefeller University and its affiliated and collaborating institutions. In addition, the award will support a new training program for physician-scientists entering careers in translational research. More »


Rockefeller researchers receive $10 million grant to study how molecules interact within cells

The National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health announced this week that Rockefeller’s Michael P. Rout will be a recipient of a five-year, $10 million grant to study how molecules interact with one another within and between cells. More »

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Titia de Lange receives NIH Pioneer Award

The National Insitutes of Health has selected Titia de Lange, who examines how cells respond to DNA damage, to receive up to $500,000 in direct costs per year for five years. The prestigious Pioneer Award, now in its second year, supports groundbreaking, high-risk research that, if successful, will have a significant impact. More »

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Rockefeller University vaccine researchers selected for grant from Foundation for NIH

A team of researchers led by Rockefeller University immunologist Ralph M. Steinman, M.D., has been selected for a grant offer from the Foundation for the NIH (FNIH) of $14 million to support the design of novel vaccines that stimulate multiple components of the body’s immune response, including those that have been difficult to target with existing vaccine approaches. More »

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Silencing human gene through new science of epigenetics; Gene associated with human development—and cancer

For the first time, scientists have shown how the activity of a gene associated with normal human development, as well as the occurrence of cancer and several other diseases, is repressed epigenetically — by modifying not the DNA code of a gene, but instead the spool-like histone proteins around which DNA tightly wraps itself in the nucleus of cells in the body. More »

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