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A newly discovered way for cells to die

A newly discovered way for cells to dieIn studying how worms develop from larvae into adults, scientists have discovered a previously unknown process in which cells are programmed to die. The findings might have implications for understanding some diseases, including neurodegenerative disorders. More »

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Finches offer researchers a new tool to study Huntington’s disease

Finches offer researchers a new tool with which to study Huntington’s diseaseThe most common lab animals, rats and mice, can’t tell scientists much about speech disorders. However, a new study shows how songbirds, specifically zebra finches, may be able to aid research on neurodegenerative disorders that affect speech and vocalization. More »

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New research sheds light on the molecular origins of Parkinson’s disease

New research sheds light on the molecular origins of Parkinson’s diseaseScientists have identified two proteins that appear to have a protective effect in the set of neurons most affected by this degenerative disease. When the activity of these molecules wanes, disease sets in. This discovery suggests new avenues for preventing or treating Parkinson’s. More »

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Discovery of pro-metastasis protein reveals mysterious link to neurodegeneration

Discovery of pro-metastasis protein reveals mysterious link to neurodegenerationMice injected with metastatic breast cancer cells showed less metastasis when researchers silenced the protein TARBP2 in these cells. TARBP2 appears to promote metastasis in part by blocking suppressor genes, including two linked with neurodegeneration. More »

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One gene links newborn neurons with those that die in diseases such as Alzheimer’s

In certain parts of the brain, cells called neurons go through a cycle of death and replenishment. New research from Rockefeller University’s Fernando Nottebohm, Ph.D., shows that these replaceable neurons share something in common with the neurons that die in people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: both have unusually low levels of a protein called UCHL1. More »

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Leprosy bug provides clues to early nerve degeneration

In the May 3 issue of Science, scientists at Rockefeller University and New York University School of Medicine report that the nerve damage that leads to a loss of sensation and disability of people with leprosy occurs in the early stages of infection. More »

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Mutated Gene Causes Death of Nerves in Brain

A gene responsible for the degeneration and death of certain nerve cells in the brain has been cloned, yielding information that may be useful for further studies of such neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, investigators from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at The Rockefeller University and from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine report in the Aug. 21 Nature. More »

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