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Researchers profile active genes in neurons based on connections

140519_friedman_retrotrap1_thumbA new technique allows researchers to examine gene expression in neurons that send messages to a synapse. A test run examined dopamine neurons that project to the brain region known as the nucleus accumbens.
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New imaging studies reveal mechanics of neuron migration

In the developing brain, generations of young neurons undergo a staged migration, with the earliest-born cells staying relatively close to their birthplace and subsequent generations traveling further, ultimately stratifying into six neuronal layers in the mature brain. For the first time, imaging studies have identified the “motors” that propel this unique form of cell migration, giving insight into the delicate layering of the brain that underlies the formation of synaptic circuitry. More »

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Scientists discover master regulator of motor neuron firing

When the Human Genome Project was complete, DNA bowed out of the limelight and gave way to RNA as a major player in genetic regulation. New findings that reveal the master architect behind a functioning motor neuron not only mirror this ideological shift but further point to the increasingly indisputable role of RNA as the molecule behind biological complexity. More »

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Discovery could help scientists stop the ‘death cascade’ of neurons after a stroke

Millions of stroke victims suffer permanent brain damage every year because neurons start spitting out the neurotransmitter glutamate when they are deprived of oxygen. It doesn’t take long before the brain cells drown in their own salts. Now a team of scientists at Rockefeller University have for the first time found a way to slow cell death by blocking a specific subunit of the glutamate receptor, a method that avoids the devastating side effects of disrupting the receptor as a whole. More »

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Protein is linked to functional development of brain neurons

Rockefeller University investigators say that a molecule that helps transport cargo inside nerve cells may have another, critically important, role related to how developing neurons sprout the projections that relay electrical signals within the brain. More »

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