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In the News – PBS Newshour – Vosshall

Can mutant mosquitoes be used to fight Zika and dengue fever?  “‘Ultimately, how cool would it be to have a cream that you put on your arm that has a probiotic, right, that makes you demagnetized as a mosquito magnet?’ … More »

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In the News – The Atlantic – Vosshall

The Quest to Make a Better Mosquito Repellent   “It’s not easy for a human to find a mosquito that doesn’t want to be found, but a mosquito can locate us quite easily. It’s a human-seeking machine, sculpted by evolution … More »

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Mutant mosquitoes lose their appetite for humans

Scientists in Leslie Vosshall’s Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior at Rockefeller used a genetically modified mosquito to show that a specific gene called orco gives the insects a strong preference for humans over other mammals, and that the insect repellant DEET uses this pathway to deter mosquitoes from biting. More »

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