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Researchers shed new light on RNA’s journey out of a cell’s nucleus

Researchers shed new light on RNA’s journey out of a cell’s nucleusTo make proteins, cells must export RNA from their carefully guarded nuclei. Researchers have determined the structure of one important component of the restrictive gate through which this cargo must pass, with implications for understanding disease. More »

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Chemical tag marks future microRNAs for processing, study shows

Chemical tag marks future microRNAs for processing, study showsNew research reveals how cells sort out the RNA molecules destined to become gene-regulating microRNAs by tagging them. Because microRNAs help control processes throughout the body, this discovery has wide-ranging implications for development, health and disease, including cancer.
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Cancer biologist and physician Sohail Tavazoie is promoted to associate professor

Cancer biologist and physician Sohail Tavazoie receives promotionTavazoie, who joined Rockefeller in 2009, works to understand how cancer cells become able to escape a tumor and invade other organs, a process known as metastasis. He searches for genes and molecular pathways cancer cells exploit in order to metastasize and, with that knowledge, hopes to develop future treatments to prevent or interfere with the process.
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Discovery of pro-metastasis protein reveals mysterious link to neurodegeneration

Discovery of pro-metastasis protein reveals mysterious link to neurodegenerationMice injected with metastatic breast cancer cells showed less metastasis when researchers silenced the protein TARBP2 in these cells. TARBP2 appears to promote metastasis in part by blocking suppressor genes, including two linked with neurodegeneration. More »

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Robert Darnell named president of New York Genome Center

Darnell will direct all aspects of the NYGC, including its scientific and research activities, and the recruitment and development of a world-class scientific team in genomic research and medicine. Founded in 2010, the NYGC will be one of the largest genomics research facilities in North America, integrating sequencing, bioinformatics and data management. More »

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Model suggests how life’s code emerged from primordial soup

It would seem a stunning improbability for a whirlwind to spin through a junkyard and leave behind a fully assembled jumbo jet. This colorful metaphor by astronomer Fred Hoyle points out the difficulties encountered by scientists when they try to understand how life could have emerged billions of years ago. Researchers at Rockefeller University now show how crude pieces of a genetic system could self-assemble and generate the rules of life’s most fundamental code. More »

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Tenure awarded to RNA researcher Thomas Tuschl

The university promotes a biochemist who researches RNA interference (RNAi), the process by which small RNA molecules interfere with gene expression. More »

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New method provides panoramic view of protein-RNA interactions in living cells

The postgenomic era has taught us a big one: That the measure of human complexity has less to do with how many genes we have as it does with how we process them. Now, Rockefeller University scientists offer, for the first time, a genome-wide view — from the first chromosome to the last — of how differences in RNA can explain how a worm and a human can each have 25,000 genes yet be so different. More »

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Structure shows how a key protein in gene activation is controlled

Using the structure of the protein σ28 bound to its inhibitor as inspiration, a new structural study finds that this gene activator can also inhibit itself from binding to and expressing the wrong gene at the wrong time. More »

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Rockefeller University researchers identify protein that regulates RNA in nerve tissue

Protein may play a key role in nervous system function Rockefeller University researchers have identified a protein that is responsible for regulating RNA splicing in nerve cells, a process essential for the development and operation of complex nervous systems, such as those found in mammals, including humans. The protein, called Nova-1, is the first splicing factor specific to one kind of tissue to be found in mammals. More »

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