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Searching for drugs in dirt, researchers call on citizen scientists

dirtonscale_thumb_2014 Soil microbes are believed to make a wealth of as-yet undiscovered molecules, including antibiotics. But getting at them isn’t easy. To make these potentially helpful bugs easier to find, researchers want to create maps, and they need help.
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Shai Shaham and Sean Brady receive promotions

Shaham, head of the Laboratory of Developmental Genetics, studies the control of programmed cell death during animal development and the roles of glial cells in nervous system development and function. He has been awarded tenure and promoted to professor. Brady, head of the Laboratory of Genetically Encoded Small Molecules, looks for new genetically encoded small molecules from bacterial sources, chemicals that may play a role in the development of new pharmaceuticals. He has been promoted to associate professor.

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Sean Brady named 2007 Beckman Young investigator

Chemical biologist Sean Brady, head of Rockefeller University‚Äôs Laboratory of Genetically Encoded Small Molecules, is recognized for his ongoing work on the therapeutic potential of naturally occurring small molecules. More »

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Natural products chemist to become Rockefeller’s newest lab head

Following a yearlong search process involving an applicant pool of close to 700 candidates, Rockefeller University President Paul Nurse has announced that Sean Brady, a chemical biologist with a background in organic chemistry, microbiology and plant biology, will become assistant professor and head of laboratory at Rockefeller. Brady intends to build his lab around the study of naturally occurring small molecules, such as those produced by soil bacteria and bacterial pathogens. More »