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Mutations in key cancer protein suggest new route to treatments

Mutations in key cancer protein suggest new route to treatmentsResearchers found they could disrupt STAT3’s ability to act as a transcription factor and so contribute to the proliferation of cancerous cells, by altering a particular part of the protein. This accomplishment suggests a basis for new, targeted approaches to fighting cancer. More »

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Researchers explore how a cell’s protein-making factories are assembled

Researchers explore how a cell’s protein-making factories are assembledThe intricate dynamics of ribosome assembly, an elaborate and carefully coordinated process that happens continuously inside cells, are not yet fully understood. Using a new technique they devised, researchers have mapped out the proteins involved in the early stages of the construction of a ribosome. More »

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Sebastian Klinge awarded Sloan Research Fellowship

Klinge, who joined the faculty in September, is among 126 early-career scholars from a range of scientific disciplines to be recognized for their promise as the next generation of scientific leaders. He will receive $50,000 over two years to further his research on the structure and function of ribosomes, the cell’s protein factories. His lab is working to solve the structure of the macromolecules that catalyze key steps of ribosome creation in cells. More »

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Structural biologist, interested in ribosome assembly, to join Rockefeller faculty

Sebastian Klinge has dedicated his career to understanding the ribosome, with a particular emphasis on its atomic structure and the process by which it forms in the cell. Klinge is the first faculty member to be recruited to the university under its 2012 strategic plan; he was appointed assistant professor in June and will open his lab, to be called The Laboratory of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry, on September 15. More »

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