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In the News – STAT – McEwen

There’s no such thing as a male or female brain, study finds   “These results add to a complex picture that you’d never guess from media accounts and pop psych books. After decades of research, ‘we’re still debating the question … More »

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Sex hormone signaling helps burn calories

Any dieter can tell you: Body weight is a function of how much food you eat and how much energy you use. The trick to maintaining a healthy weight lies in regulating the balance. But new research from Rockefeller University suggests that brain cell receptors linked to sex hormones may play a role in the process by which we maintain that balance. More »

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In mice, a new statistical analysis shows a sex hormone influences a drive to explore

Exhaustive searching may not guarantee a compatible mate, but that doesn’t stop most people from trying. Now, new research from Rockefeller University suggests that estrogens may be a driving force. More »

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For sex to happen, the right receptors must align

By studying single neurons from the hypothalamus of the brain, Rockefeller scientists are beginning to show how the same hormone receptors can impact sexual behavior differently in male and female rats. The findings suggest that when it comes to controlling behavior, the brain’s genetic network can be extremely complicated. More »

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Link found between estrogen, changes in brain structure, and learning and memory

Scientists at Rockefeller University have discovered how estrogen initiates physical changes in rodent brain cells that lead to increased learning and memory — a finding, the researchers contend, that illustrates the likely value of the hormone to peak brain functioning in women. More »

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