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Researchers find molecule that causes sunburn pain

A collaboration between Elaine Fuch’s Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development at Rockefeller University and researchers at Duke University and the University of California, San Francisco, found that blocking a molecule called TRPV4 greatly protects against the painful effects of sunburn. The research could yield a way to combat sunburn and possibly several other causes of pain. More »

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Two proteins enable skin cells to regenerate

Skin cells that have lost their luster flake off and are replaced by new ones that push their way up to the surface. In new research that further dissects how stem cells specialize into tissue cells, scientists now show how these new skin cells arise — work that may one day hold promise for burn victims. More »

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Single isolated mouse skin cell can generate into variety of epidermal tissues

Researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at The Rockefeller University have isolated stem cells from the skin of a mouse, and showed, for the first time, that an individual stem cell can renew itself in the laboratory and then be used in grafts to produce skin, hair and oil glands. More »

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