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Fragments of tRNA suggest a novel mechanism for cancer progression

Fragments of tRNA suggest a novel mechanism for cancer progressionResearchers discover that particular genetic fragments, of a type of RNA known as transfer RNA, or tRNA, appear to be capable of reducing the growth and spread of breast cancer cells. More »

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Chemical tag marks future microRNAs for processing, study shows

Chemical tag marks future microRNAs for processing, study showsNew research reveals how cells sort out the RNA molecules destined to become gene-regulating microRNAs by tagging them. Because microRNAs help control processes throughout the body, this discovery has wide-ranging implications for development, health and disease, including cancer.
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Research implicates metabolic process of the liver in the spread of colorectal cancer

Research implicates metabolic process of the liver in the spread of colorectal cancerBy identifying genes that become activated in cancer cells that successfully metastasize to the liver, researchers at Rockefeller have implicated metabolic processes within the liver as a possible means by which starving transient cancer cells can go on to form deadly new colonies. More »

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Cancer biologist and physician Sohail Tavazoie is promoted to associate professor

Cancer biologist and physician Sohail Tavazoie receives promotionTavazoie, who joined Rockefeller in 2009, works to understand how cancer cells become able to escape a tumor and invade other organs, a process known as metastasis. He searches for genes and molecular pathways cancer cells exploit in order to metastasize and, with that knowledge, hopes to develop future treatments to prevent or interfere with the process.
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Discovery of pro-metastasis protein reveals mysterious link to neurodegeneration

Discovery of pro-metastasis protein reveals mysterious link to neurodegenerationMice injected with metastatic breast cancer cells showed less metastasis when researchers silenced the protein TARBP2 in these cells. TARBP2 appears to promote metastasis in part by blocking suppressor genes, including two linked with neurodegeneration. More »

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In the News – Daily Mail UK – Tavazoie

How spread of breast cancer could be stopped “Professor Sohail Tavazoie, who led the research, said: ‘If we learn more about how this regulation works, we may in the future be able to generate drugs that prevent this protein from … More »

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Drug is identified that could block the spread of melanoma

Researchers have found a promising new route to slowing or even preventing melanoma cells from spreading within the body. Using a compound that targets a hormone receptor, the team found they could reduce tumors’ recruitment of blood vessels, a process necessary for metastasis. More »

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Nora Pencheva wins 2014 Weintraub Graduate Student Award

Pencheva, a graduate fellow in Sohail Tavazoie’s Laboratory of Systems Cancer Biology, is one of 13 recipients of this prestigious award. Her thesis project explores the molecular biology of metastatic melanoma — the most deadly type of skin cancer. More »

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In cancer, molecular signals that recruit blood vessels also trigger metastasis

Cancer cells are most deadly when they’re on the move – able not only to destroy whatever organ they are first formed in, but also to create colonies elsewhere in the body. New research has now shown how a small RNA prevents the recruitment and formation of blood vessels near cancer cells destined to become metastases, a process that must occur in order for them to grow. The scientists say that if drugs could be developed that act on the pathways regulated by this microRNA, they might be able to block the metastatic process and prevent some breast cancers from becoming deadly. More »

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New Innovator Award goes to cancer researcher Sohail Tavazoie

One of Rockefeller’s newest faculty recruits, Tavazoie aims to identify small pieces of RNA, known as microRNAs, that may signal a high potential for metastasis or that can effectively distinguish between cancers that will be responsive to chemotherapy and those that would be better candidates for alternative and experimental therapies. More »

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New Rockefeller faculty member studies cancer metastasis

Sohail Tavazoie, a physician-scientist whose research focuses on the molecular basis of cancer metastasis, has been named assistant professor and will join The Rockefeller University as head of the Laboratory of Systems Cancer Biology in January 2009. More »