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In the News – Stat – Tessier-Lavigne

Scientists solve CRISPR’s ‘Energizer Bunny’ problem   “‘It works beautifully,’ Tessier-Lavigne said. With standard CRISPR-Cas9, 6 percent to 35 percent of the edits were clean, without random insertions and deletions due to Cas9’s repeated cuts, but with their upgrade, the … More »

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Mutations in key cancer protein suggest new route to treatments

Mutations in key cancer protein suggest new route to treatmentsResearchers found they could disrupt STAT3’s ability to act as a transcription factor and so contribute to the proliferation of cancerous cells, by altering a particular part of the protein. This accomplishment suggests a basis for new, targeted approaches to fighting cancer. More »

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One gene, two important proteins

When the Human Genome Project first revealed last year that humans possess only an estimated 30,000 genes — fives times more than a mustard weed plant — the fact that many of our genes code for more than just one protein assumed greater importance. Such protein variations, researchers reasoned, must play an even larger role than previously thought in contributing to the remarkable complexity of human beings. More »

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