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Mutations in key cancer protein suggest new route to treatments

Mutations in key cancer protein suggest new route to treatmentsResearchers found they could disrupt STAT3’s ability to act as a transcription factor and so contribute to the proliferation of cancerous cells, by altering a particular part of the protein. This accomplishment suggests a basis for new, targeted approaches to fighting cancer. More »

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Rockefeller Scientists Discover a Surprising New Cancer Gene

Scientists at The Rockefeller University have found, for the first time, that the persistent activation of a protein called Stat3 can, by itself, cause normal cells to behave like cancer cells. The research, reported in the August 6 issue of Cell, provides both a scientific surprise and a promising new target in the fight against cancer. Scientists already knew that Stat3 was often activated in various human cancer types, including lymphomas, leukemias, breast cancer and a high percentage of head and neck cancers, but until now no one knew whether persistent Stat3 activation could contribute directly to the development of tumors. More »

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