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An unexpected origin for calming immune cells in the gut

An unexpected origin for calming immune cells in the gutWithin the gut, the immune system must strike a perfect balance between protecting our bodies from infection and not overreacting to harmless foreign entities, including food. A new study explores the origins of a type of immune cell that appears to keep inflammatory responses in check. More »

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Imaging studies open a window on how effective antibodies are formed

Imaging studies open a window on how effective antibodies are formedBy imaging the immune response, researchers have observed how two types of immune cells interact with one another during a critical period following infection in order to prepare the best antibodies and establish long-lasting protection. More »

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Research explains how cellular guardians of the gut develop

Research explains how cellular guardians of the intestine developA specialized class of immune cell inhabits the thin layer of tissue that lines the intestine. New experiments reveal how these cells arise, sometimes from other mature immune cells. More »

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Vaccine developed at Rockefeller University boosts natural killer T cells in patients with cancer

A new vaccine designed at The Rockefeller University boosted a type of fast-responding immune system cell called the natural killer T (NKT) cell in patients with advanced cancer. The study surprised researchers by revealing the ability of these NKT cells to spur other, slower-responding immune cells to go to work. More »

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Novel cellular pathway increases sensitivity of body’s immune detectives

In the Dec. 9 issue of Scientists at Rockefeller University report the discovery of a previously unknown pathway that boosts the ability of helper T cells to “motivate” killer T cells in detecting and attacking dangerous cells. The finding may help scientists to create a more effective immune response against disease and tumor formation. More »

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Immunity runs amok without Csk

Inflammation is emerging as a new window on chronic diseases such as cancer, heart ailments and autoimmunity. Two Rockefeller University scientists have recently revealed one of the molecular keys to inflammation. Their discovery may help clinicians understand shortcomings in the inflammatory response that lead to potentially life-threatening conditions. More »

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Natural killer cells are made, not born

For years, scientists regarded natural killer cells as a blunt instrument of the body’s immune defense system. Born to kill, these cells were thought to travel straight from the bone marrow, where they are manufactured, to the blood, circulating there and infiltrating the sites of early tumors or infectious agents in the body. Now, Rockefeller University scientists, led by Christian Münz, Ph.D., have learned otherwise. More »

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Rockefeller Researchers Discover Possible Trigger for “Killer T Cells” To Attack

How do “killer T cells” know when to attack virus-infected and cancerous cells, and when to retreat? The answer possibly has been provided by Rockefeller University research to be published in the Nov. issue of Nature Immunology. More »

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Researchers from Rockefeller University Develop Novel Method to Fight Cancer

Researchers from The Rockefeller University in New York City have developed a new method to fight cancer by using dendritic cells to activate T cells via a new pathway. Reported in the March 5 Nature, the technique offers the promise of new therapies for cancer, AIDS and autoimmune diseases. More »

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