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Biostatistics approach to genetics yields new clues to roots of autism

Researchers have developed a statistical method for genetic screens that improves the classic genome-wide association screen, and, applying to autism, have uncovered genes related to the disorder that had not been suggested in previous analyses. The scientists offer evidence that beginning treatment in infants at the first symptoms could change the course of the disease, possibly preventing the permanent “pruning” of neurons, which occurs during the first two years of life, from cementing autistic symptoms in place. More »

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University receives accreditation for its human research protection program

Rockefeller University receives the “gold seal” for human subject protection programs, which recognizes the institution’s commitment to providing strong safeguards on behalf of human research participants.

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Rockefeller University Hospital opens clinical trial into statin-associated muscle complaints

The most widely prescribed class of drugs in the country, statins have helped millions of people lower their cholesterol and reduce their risk of heart attacks — but their side effects, including muscle pain and cramping, have proven to be something of a sore point for many patients. Now, researchers at The Rockefeller University Hospital aim to determine the cause of statin-associated myopathy in a new clinical study. More »

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