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Small RNAs in blood may reveal heart injury

SmallBy profiling the small RNAs circulating in the blood of healthy people versus those with heart failure, a research team identified three so-called microRNAs with the potential for use as indicators of injury to heart muscle. More »

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Five Rockefeller scientists receive high risk-high reward NIH grants

Two Rockefeller University faculty have been awarded the NIH Director’s Transformative Award and three are being given New Innovator Awards.
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Tenure awarded to RNA researcher Thomas Tuschl

The university promotes a biochemist who researches RNA interference (RNAi), the process by which small RNA molecules interfere with gene expression. More »

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New method prevents microRNAs from escaping cells

Since their discovery, microRNAs have been hailed as the stars of the RNA universe, as they have been shown to play a role in countless diseases ranging from cancer to neurological disorders. Now, researchers at Rockefeller University have discovered a better, more reliable way to detect and measure these tiny molecules — work that may lead to improved ways of diagnosing and preventing disease. More »

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A global view: Researchers build microRNA atlas

Rockefeller University scientists have created a comprehensive microRNA catalog that encompasses more than 250 cell and tissue samples across 26 organ systems as part of a global effort to clarify the role of microRNAs in development and in various diseases, particularly cancer. More »

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Newly discovered class of small RNAs is specifically to reproductive cells

One size does not fit all when it comes to RNA. Scientists have now discovered a new player among the RNA cast that is specifically linked to sperm. Called piRNAs, these new small RNA strands are believed to play a major role in the development of the cells that pass genetic information from father to offspring. More »

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Size doesn’t matter

Rockefeller scientists show that microRNAs play an essential role in many development processes, including cell survival, in the fruit fly embryo. More »

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