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Atomic-scale view of bacterial proteins offers path to new tuberculosis drugs

New molecular insights are giving scientists ideas for how to combat antibiotic-resistant strains
In studying a cousin of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis, scientists have drawn a molecular map of the target for rifampicin, a common antibiotic. They are now using it in an effort to combat multi-resistant tuberculosis, for which existing treatments don’t work. More »

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Rifamycin antibiotics attack tuberculosis bacteria with walls, not signals

When it comes to describing how a potent class of antibiotics kills deadly tuberculosis-causing bacteria, the more beautiful model is not always the right one. New research shows that a simple physical barrier rather than a complex allosteric mechanism still best explains how these antibiotics keep the bacteria in check — and how they fight back. More »

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Improving the body’s “homeland security” against TB

The microbe that causes tuberculosis operates the way a human terrorist would. With minimal resources, the TB bacterium skillfully blends in and gains strength before lashing out unexpectedly.

Now, Rockefeller scientists John MacMicking, Ph.D., and John McKinney, Ph.D., have discovered a unique way the immune system can disarm the bacterial offender. If this defense could be strengthened, TB could be brought to biological justice. More »

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Researchers Find Key to Tuberculosis Persistence in the Body

The tuberculosis bacterium requires a specific enzyme to cause persistent infection, a consortium of researchers at Rockefeller University and three other institutions have found. The discovery suggests that targeting the enzyme could improve therapies for TB, which claims more lives each year than any other bacterial infection. More »

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