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‘Programmable’ antibiotic harnesses an enzyme to attack drug-resistant microbes

“Programmable” antibiotic harnesses an enzyme to attack drug-resistant microbesBy co-opting a system bacteria normally use to defend themselves, researchers targeted and killed off colonies of the antibiotic resistant Staph cells on mouse skin. The treatment left behind the drug-susceptible microbes. More »

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Sequencing efforts miss DNA crucial to bacteria’s disease causing power

Sequencing efforts miss DNA crucial to bacteria’s disease causing powerPieces of DNA, including viruses, found outside a microbe’s chromosomes may play a role in disease, but are nearly impossible to identify and sequence using conventional techniques. Researchers at Rockefeller have developed a solution. More »

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Researchers put potent staph killer to the test, hope for new drug treatment

The ever escalating war between evolving bacteria and antibiotics could be taking a promising turn in favor of the humans. Scientists have genetically engineered a powerful killer of one of the most dangerous bacteria, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It’s been tested on MRSA in the test tube, on infections in mice and a clinical trial has begun to probe its ability to kill MRSA infected cells from psoriasis lesions in people. Next up, per the recommendation of the FDA, is a test in minipigs. “It’s the start of a new class of drugs,” says the lead researcher, and early signs suggest it’s stronger than anything of its kind currently on the market. More »

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Natural-born killers enlisted to fight anthrax

Researchers at The Rockefeller University have hit upon a promising method for rapidly and effectively treating people infected with the deadly anthrax bacterium — including feared drug – resistant strains. The new research, reported in the August 22 issue of Nature, takes advantage of anthrax’s number one natural enemy: bateriophage, or “bacteria – eating” viruses. More »

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