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Vitamin D supplements do not improve cholesterol as previous research suggested

A team of scientists has shown that, at least in the short term, cholesterol levels did not improve when volunteers with vitamin D deficiency received mega-doses of vitamin D. Although previous evidence suggested there might be a link between vitamin D and heart disease, the clinical results confirm those from a data mining study published in July. More »

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Clinical trial to explore link between vitamin D and cholesterol

An unusual finding in previous studies of vitamin D-deficient patients has prompted a new clinical study at The Rockefeller University Hospital. Investigator Manish Ponda aims to discover if there is a causative relationship between vitamin D supplementation and elevated levels of small LDL cholesterol. The hospital is currently recruiting subjects for the study. More »

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Pilot study to examine link between vitamin D and insulin resistance

Vitamin D isn’t just for bones anymore. Researchers at The Rockefeller University Hospital have begun a clinical study to determine whether raising blood vitamin D levels in an obese, insulin-resistant population will improve the subjects’ ability to metabolize sugar, a study that could have eventual implications for diabetics. More »

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