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Nora Pencheva wins 2014 Weintraub Graduate Student Award

Pencheva, a graduate fellow in Sohail Tavazoie’s Laboratory of Systems Cancer Biology, is one of 13 recipients of this prestigious award. Her thesis project explores the molecular biology of metastatic melanoma — the most deadly type of skin cancer. More »

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Johannes Scheid wins 2012 Weintraub Graduate Student Award

Scheid is one of 13 awardees, all advanced graduate students at or near the completion of their studies in the biological sciences and chosen for the quality, originality and significance of their thesis research.
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Nadya Dimitrova wins 2009 Weintraub Graduate Student Award

Nadya Dimitrova, a graduate fellow in Titia de Lange’s Laboratory of Cell Biology and Genetics at Rockefeller University, has been named one of 13 winners of this year’s Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award, administered by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. More »